About Rental Bike

The story
Rental Bike started its activity at the beginning of June 2017 after 3 years of experience in B&B and accommodating guests from all around the world. They all had one very common problem: “How can we discover this beautiful area without spending a lot of money and time?” and the only good answer for this question is of course “ by bike”. Instead of renting a car, why not rent a bike? It will be a money saver, especially because gas is quite expensive in Romania. There is also the advantage of being able to reach far away places that you couldn’t normally do by car. Because there are no proper places to rent a bike from and driven by the overwhelming amount of requests from our guests regarding bike rentals we decided to start this business for tourists that wish to travel around Brasov by bike. We will sure do our best so our customers will be satisfied by our rental services. We hope to see as many tourists eager to discover Brasov while riding a bike as possible.
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Choose any kind
of bicycle you prefer

We will try to satisfy our customers’ needs by offering them brand new bikes that come in different sizes so everybody can find their perfect fit.

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Go and see places
unreachable for cars

Sometimes the best places are the ones you can’t reach by car. Rent our bikes and discover unique places around Brasov. We will help you with suggestions too!
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Keep up good
condition and health

The importance of daily physical activity for our health is well known. By cycling you can work out and discover Brasov at the same time.

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Save lots of money
with group renting

If you’re travelling with your family or friends make sure to take advatange of our discounts specially made for group renting. We also offer discounts for long time rentals.

Four wheels move the body
two wheels move the soul

- Unknown Traveler