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Tourists can pull in at the Susai chalet for tea or a snack. The route goes up towards Azuga, along Limbășelului Valley. Following a slight way down, the tracks then go along a series of slopes. Access to the town of Azuga is via the Azuga Valley along a high-visibility road. Tourists can make their way on the DN1/E60 route towards Bușteni.



The bike ride starts out in Brașov, on DN11, and continues along the Brașov ringroad towards Săcele. The road then leads on to DN1a towards the Gârcini area, ending up in Lake Tărlung. The route goes on through Brădet and the village of Babarunca over the border between the Brașov and Prahova counties. Next, the route goes via the Bratocea Pass at 1,263 meters up to the Cheia resort on DN1a. From Cheia, tourists can go up towards the Red Mountain chalet.



The route starts in Predeal on DN1/E60. At the crossroads with the Râșnoavei Valley, the route continues along the DN73 towards Pârâul Rece. The route then follows on to Râșnov along rough terrain. Access to Bran and Zărnești is available via the DN73a up to the Gura Râului chalet. That is also the entrance to the Piatra Craiului National Park. The return route is via Râșnov towards Poiana Brașov, where tourists can walk down along the Old Road towards Brașov.



Starting out in Predeal, towards Brașov, the aim of the tour is to visit the fortified churches of Prejmer, Hărman and Sânpetru. First, the tour goes via Timișu de Sus, Timișu de Jos and on through Tărlungeni and Cărpiniș to Prejmer, where tourists can visit the fortified church of Prejmer. Next, the tour continues via Hărman and Sânpetru, with the last stop being Brașov’s old city center, where tourists can enjoy a tour around the Black Church.




The route starts in Predeal and ends at the Trei Brazi chalet on DJ102P. From the chalet, there is one more kilometer to go until reaching the Poiana Secuilor chalet. During winter, the difficulty level along this route is higher due to the snowy and icy areas which may be drifty. The Susai chalet is located in close proximity and is a place where tourists can pull in before their return to Predeal.



This route is ideal for a mini-holiday because it can be completed in two days. It all starts in Brașov, going towards Râșnov-Bran. Leaving the city is via the Brașov FC stadium in the Bartolomeu district. The village of Cristian is also on the way to Râșnov. At Bran, tourists will have the opportunity to visit the famous castle of count Dracula, the Village Museum and the local craftsmen’s fair. The village of Vulcan and its fortified church can also be visited en route to Coldea. From Codlea, tourists can travel to Brașov via Ghimbav and, once in Brașov, they will have the opportunity to visit the Council Square and the Black Church.